Wijk bij Duurstede has a stirring history; the original trade-settlement Dorestad has been relocated a few times by changing river beddings. And many bloody revolts also took place here.


In the picture you see one of the two working water-pumps, adorned with the coat of arms of the Van Zuylen Family. They build the first stone-building – a Burgundian fortress called Duurstede. The tower and the donjon have been renovated. A beautifully situated complex, where events like concerts and exhibitions are regularly being held.


Near the castle you’ll find Dorestad Museum, a small parking lot and parking space for invalids is nearby. It has a beautiful garden with statues and an arbour, but also inside a very well organised exposition about the history of the surroundings.


At the entrance of the castle  you find one of the many texts in brickwork, which you can find throughout the city, and at the other side of the gate one with a portrayal of the castle. In Wijk bij Duurstede there are many galleries with varying opening-hours.


Behind the white van in the picture you see an arcade and at the end two restaurants, both with a terrace bordering a small inner-park.

A wonderful to sit! Further down the street is another arcade that leads you through a long narrow sloping path, which ends at the same inner-park.


On the dike along the river Lek is the only embankment-windmill in Holland. You can visit, but there are a lot of stairs.


Wijk bij Duurstede is very much worth the visit!





Museum Dorestad, Muntstraat 42; open on afternoons from half past one to five o’clock – the museum is run by volunteers.