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This picture shows a typical view of the old centre of Schagen. The church is build on a mound and can only be reached by steps.


It is strange that, in such a flat landscape, the centre of Schagen is built on a sort of levels; the right side of the street Gedempte Gracht is (counted from the market) devided in three levels; two are visible in the street, but, when you enter the Ice-bar Piccobello and go to the toilets, you have to climb 5 steps and, surprise, it brings you to an outside terrace! And further down the street going to the left, you go down a few



The enormous hight of the churches, by the way also in other places in the northern part of this province, is striking.

You can visit the Catholic Church at the beginning of the Molenstraat most of the time and otherwise the Chapel Maria-Kapel, which isvery cosy with beautifully stained windows. It has a glass wall through which you can peep into the church.


Going to the right before the church, you reach the street Laan, with nice houses and an inner park. A little further along the road from the church youíll find on your left hand a flower shop with exclusive creations,Buismanís Bloemendecoratie.


Schagen is famous for itís Thursday-markets, West Friese Folklore, starting in July. During the months of July and August there are several other special events.


The museums near the Dutch Tourist Office VVV are housed in towers, which means climbing! The VVV as well as these towers are located on a beautiful square where the castle Slot Schagen used to be. You can visit the farm-museum Museumboerderij Vreeburg.





Museumboerderij Vreeburg: Loet 14, open April 11th until October 25th from Wednesday to Sunday from 13.30 -16.30 hrs. and on Sunday only during the first of July to the first of September. Groups can always make an appointment by telephone.