This is the old inner-harbour of the City Hoorn. Behind the dike where these boats lie, you find one of the other two harbours and behind that a park on the border of the IJsselmeer.

The dike ends on the right as part of the former sluice-gate of which the other end is flanked by a tower. The statue of the three cabin-boys of Bontekoe (since1646 a best-seller with a shipman story). When standing near the statue and looking back at the city, you have a beautiful view of Hoorn. It is a very attractive city.



Behind the Chrurch Grote Kerk you find parking spaces, unfortunately with limited parking time; on the left side of the church are two places for invalids. A few hundred meters to get to the Westfries Museum; with your back to the church go left and you arrive at a square. On the left corner the former weigh-house, which has been turned into a restaurant and on the right hand you see the museum.


To the right of the museum you see the main shopping street this part of the city is only for pedestrians.


It is better to move your car to get to the other museums.


At the other side of the station you find the Steam-train Museum Stoomtram, van Dedemstraat 8. The workshop is open every day except Monday from 9.30 17.30 hrs. and in July and August also on Monday. The Museum has very many steps and there is a lot of walking to do.


Here the steam-train starts the journey to Medemblik and back.




Westfries Museum, Rode Steen 1: open on weekdays from 11.00 17.00, and in the weekend from 14.00 17.00 hrs. The building has no lift.

Museum of the 20th Century, Bierkade 4: open every day except Monday from 10.00 17.00 hrs. It has a lift .

Toy-museum: Speelgoed Museum De Kijkdoos, Italiaanse Zeedijk 106: open every day except Monday from 11.00 17.00 hrs.