The beautiful surroundings are what makes Gulpen attractive. It  is located in the Geul-dal (valley) between Vaals and Maastricht, a really splendid part of Holland. This is  a statue standing over the river Gulp, that comes out in the cosy square of Gulpen.


To the right is a street full of shops and just in front of the store with the most attractive presents you’ll find the only invalid-parking space.


The Gallery in Gulpen is not suitable for the less mobile people, unfortunately.


Coming from the square on the secondary road, directly turn left and then right, that brings you to the pancake restaurant: De Pannekoeken Molen. The parking space is made of a sort of solid  shingle and to get into the building you have to climb some steps, but there are rails, to be put in place, for a wheelchair. In this district a candle-factory is located, that you could visit in former times - nowadays you can only visit the shop.


Following the signs: Panorama you arrive on top of the hill with a beautiful view over the valley.


To see some of the surroundings it is fun to make a trip in the steam-train Miljoenenlijn, departing in Simpelveld.

The station is not easy to find, but worth the while. The train goes to Schin op Geul over the top of the hills, to Kerkrade and Vetschau, which is in Germany, but only in the months of April to November. You can get a timetable (amongst others) at the VVV Dutch Tourist Office.


Three kilometers east of Gulpen lies the village Wahlwiller and here in the tiny Sint-Cunibertus Church the "Crossroads" of the painter Aad de Haas is to be seen. The life of Christ is painted in 16 Stations in a very particular way and worth the visit.

Dutch television has made a documentary about the Stations.

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