Goes is a very old city; from 1417 on, it became a city by charter. The tower to the right on the Town-Hall dates back to the mid-fourteenth century. This nice little gate is the entrance to the Restaurant De Stadsschuur in the Zusterstraat; here, in 1645, Countess Jacoba van Beieren stalled her horses and carriages. Somewhat further down the street to the right you’ll see a front door which has two other statues  above it.


This little gate borders a sort of square with two large churches; the Grote Kerk and the catholic Maria Magdalenakerk, both very



Goes has a cosy little harbour with a drawbridge, not to be crossed by cars.

The Museum of Noord- en Zuid Beveland is closed (2003) for some time to come because of a large renovation. Just outside the centre, difficult to spot, is the dolls-museum Poppen Museum Zwemer; accessable for wheelchairs.


Furthermore there is the old-crafts-park Ambachtspark De Hollandse Hoeve. Beautifully located, it also contains a sports centre.




Poppen Museum Zwemer, Evertsenstraat 15;  open Tuesday to Saturday from 12.30 tot 17.00 hrs and groups by appointment.

De Hollandse Hoeve Ambachtspark, Kattendijksedijk 27; open on Wednesday and Saturday from 13.00 tot 17.00 hrs and in the months of July and August also on Tuesday and Thursday.