Alkmaar is a very enjoyable city for shopping, but for the not so mobile rather bumpy. The narrow streets are paved with cobbles, so it is not easy to walk or to ride in a wheelchair.


The picture of this sculpture has been taken from the square where one of the entrances of the VVV Dutch Tourist Office is located. You can only get there by foot from the nearest parking-space, but you pass a row of bars and restaurants where you can gather your strength! Located on the second floor in the building of the VVV is the Cheese Museum, to be reached by an elevator; it is open only during the summer season. Even for a shorter period Cheese Markets are being held on the square on Fridays from 10.00 tot 12.30 hrs.


Another point of interest is the Stedelijk Museum. A very modern building with, for example, a section about the history of Alkmaar, a section of beautiful models of sluices, a section of modern art from artists living in Bergen, an artist-village. To get to the Museum by car, turn into the small street along the city-wall opposite the police station, which is called the Molenbuurt. At the end of the street there are two spaces for invalid-parking. Here you turn into the side-street and you will see the Museum.


In the streets Fnidsen and Luttik Oudorp (along the canal near the VVV) you find several galleries and antique shops, but the art is to find a parking-space.


Hollands Kaasmuseum, Waagplein 2; open from April First to October 31st daily from 10.00 16.00 hrs.

Stedelijk Museum, Canadaplein 1; open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10.00 17.00 hrs and in the weekend from 13.00 hrs on.